Friday, 15 July 2011

#41- the next chapter

#41- the next chapter.

It has been three weeks since my last journal entry. In that time I've covered 2 weeks relief as a nurse educator at Rockhampton Hospital. A nice slide back into my usual job. I've also taken that time to explore Greatkeppel Island with my bride and kids. Beaching the boat on the north side was mo fun, but great snorkeling with rays, turtles, and dolphins was definitely a highlight. When stranded on the beach we had to wait til high tide to recluse the boat, and so blessed to meet Rosie and Doug who made us comfortable and offered us a meal in their boat. Good chat, good people, good food, and new friends.

I've been back in Toowoomba for one week. I have another to go before I tackle my 3rd Torres Strait Island. I leave next Monday for the coral cay called Yam Island. The locals call it Iama and it is one of the central islands. 100km or so to the tip of cape York.
As I have done previously, I will try to keep a daily diary of events, lessons learned, and of my reflections. It will be another tough 3 weeks away from my loved ones but the optimism in this trip is that on my return to the mainland in August, I pack up family, and take them up to the outer islands for a few months with me as I go first to Yorke, then return to Darnley where I was in June 2011.

I lay here in bed, it is Saturday morning, cold and rainy outside. And it feels a million lightyears away from the warm azure waters of the tip of Australia. There is an optimism, and a wave of excitement as I contemplate sharing the culture with my people. We have been watching the "RAN" series from SBS TV - a six episode drama that journals a remote area nurse's live workin on an outer island. The series was filmed entirely on Yorke Island, and for the kids to see the exact place where they will gobfor 5 weeks over September is awesome. The sea, the coral, the culture, the language. The kids have started to learn Creole. And listen to island music. They are both scared of what to expect, as is Jo, but we will do it as a family, and it will be such a great thing to give them (us) that experience.

So 1 week left for me here. Yam for 3 weeks, then the family adventure starts.
... Livin the dream...

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